Fentanyl trafficking, drug homicide
UNIFORM CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES – Adds to existing law to provide for the crimes of trafficking in fentanyl and drug-induced homicide.

RS30863C1 / H0406

This legislation adds Fentanyl to the list of dangerous drugs that carry mandatory minimum sentences. It defines the amounts of fentanyl that are required to meet the elements for the crime of trafficking. This statute is not meant to capture the personal user. It is intended to make clear the punishment for those who choose to manufacture, deliver, or bring into the state amounts of fentanyl that meet the quantities listed in this bill. It also adds provisions for the crime of drug induced homicide and the corresponding punishment.

Bill Events
Date Description
01/18 Introduced, read first time, referred to JRA for Printing
01/19 Reported Printed and Referred to Judiciary, Rules & Administration
01/24 Reported out of Committee without Recommendation, Filed for Second Reading
01/25 Read second time; Filed for Third Reading
01/26 U.C. to hold place on third reading calendar until Monday, January 29, 2024
01/29 Read Third Time in Full – Motion to send to Gen Ord, motion failed
01/29 PASSED - 55-13-2
AYES – Alfieri, Allgood, Blanksma, Boyle, Bundy, Cannon, Cheatum, Clow, Cornilles, Crane(12), Crane(13), Dixon(1), Dixon(24), Durrant, Ehardt, Ehlers, Erickson, Furniss, Gallagher, Garner, Handy, Hawkins, Healey, Hill, Holtzclaw, Horman, Kingsley, Lambert, Lanting, Manwaring, McCann, Mickelsen, Miller, Mitchell, Monks, Nelsen, Palmer, Petzke, Pickett, Raybould, Raymond, Redman, Roberts, Sauter, Scott, Shepherd, Skaug, Tanner, Vander Woude, Weber, Wheeler, Wroten, Yamamoto, Young, Mr. Speaker
NAYS – Andrus, Barbieri, Berch, Chew(Wilson), Galaviz, Gannon, Mathias, Mendive, Nash(Coberly), Necochea, Price, Rubel, Wisniewski
Absent – Burns, Green
Floor Sponsors - Hill & Allgood
Title apvd - to Senate
01/30 Received from the House passed; filed for first reading
01/30 Introduced, read first time; referred to: Judiciary & Rules
02/08 Reported out of Committee with Do Pass Recommendation; Filed for second reading
02/09 Read second time; filed for Third Reading
02/15 Read third time in full – PASSED - 28-7-0
AYES – Adams, Anthon, Bernt, Bjerke, Burtenshaw, Carlson, Cook, Den Hartog, Foreman, Grow, Guthrie, Harris, Hartgen, Herndon, Lakey, Lee, Lenney, Lent, Nichols, Okuniewicz, Ricks, Schroeder, Taylor, Toews, Trakel, VanOrden, Winder, Zuiderveld
NAYS – Hart, Just, Rabe, Ruchti, Semmelroth, Ward-Engelking, Wintrow
Absent and excused – None
Floor Sponsor - Lakey
Title apvd - to House
02/16 Returned from Senate Passed; to JRA for Enrolling
02/19 Reported Enrolled; Signed by Speaker; Transmitted to Senate
02/20 Received from the House enrolled/signed by Speaker
02/20 Signed by President; returned to House
02/21 Returned Signed by the President; Ordered Transmitted to Governor
02/22 Delivered to Governor at 11:25 a.m. on February 21, 2024
02/26 Reported Signed by Governor on February 26, 2024
Session Law Chapter 4
Effective: 07/01/2024