This page lists the House committees. Click on a committee to see:

  • A list of each House member on the committee, with a link to his/her contact info
  • The committee chair, vice chair, and secretary
  • A list of the bills under consideration by that committee, no matter their stage in the process.

To see all the bills being considered by the House, go to the House Bills page.

Name Purpose Bills
Agricultural Affairs Dept. of Ag, Potato commission, wheat commission, Beef council, Barley commission 2
Appropriations State budgets, revenue, appropriations 1
Business Banking, Insurance issues, Occupational Licenses unrelated to healthcare, Dept of Finance, Dept. of Insurance 16
Commerce and Human Resources Wages/hours, unions, retirement plans, PERSI, Dept. of Labor, Dept of Commerce 11
Education Public schools, colleges, and universities, Idaho Commission of Libraries 17
Environment, Energy and Technology Cyber-security, hazardous waste, sewage, recycling, DEQ 1
Ethics and House Policy To review all ethics complaints. May review current and proposed House policies. 0
Health and Welfare Health/child care, pharmacy/medications, welfare, medicaid, medical and healthcare related occupational licensing, health districts 13
Judiciary, Rules and Administration Courts, prisons, attorneys, juvenile justice, criminal justice reform, pardons and parole, dept of corrections 32
Local Government City/county governance, taxing districts 4
Resources and Conservation Water quality/rights, fish & game, river restoration, Dept of Water Resources 13
Revenue and Taxation Sales/property/income taxes 14
State Affairs Statewide issues: elections, abortion, electric utility deregulation, public utilities commission, lottery 41
Transportation and Defense Fuel taxes, state/local highways, motor vehicle issues, state military, civil air patrol 12
Ways and Means Used to quickly introduce legislation, usually at the end of a session. 12