Reading assessment, exemption
EDUCATION – Amends existing law to revise when a student can be exempted from certain required English language assessments.

RS31342 / H0566

This bill updates the statute addressing assessment exemptions and removes language regarding assessments no longer used in Idaho and include current state-mandated tests. This bill also provides an exemption for English language learning students, who have not been enrolled for two (2) full school years in the United States and who score less than a level two (2) on the state’s English language proficiency test, to be exempted from the Idaho Reading Indicator assessment. Schools must determine which students qualify for the exemption before the fall testing date.

This legislation causes no additional expenditure of funds at the state or local level, nor does it cause an increase or decrease in revenue for state or local government. Therefore, there is no fiscal impact.

Bill Events
Date Description
02/14 Introduced, read first time, referred to JRA for Printing
02/15 Reported Printed; Filed for Second Reading
02/16 Read second time; Filed for Third Reading
02/19 U.C. to hold place on third reading calendar one legislative day
02/20 Read Third Time in Full – PASSED - 57-12-1
AYES – Achilles, Alfieri, Allgood, Andrus, Berch, Blanksma, Bundy, Burns, Cannon, Cheatum, Chew(Wilson), Clow, Cornilles, Crane(12), Crane(13), Dixon(1), Dixon(24), Durrant, Ehardt, Ehlers, Erickson, Furniss, Galaviz, Gannon, Garner, Green, Handy, Healey, Hill, Horman, Lanting, Manwaring, Mathias, McCann, Mendive, Mickelsen, Miller, Mitchell, Monks, Necochea, Nelsen, Petzke, Pickett, Price, Raybould, Raymond, Redman, Roberts, Sauter, Shepherd, Skaug, Weber, Wheeler, Wroten, Yamamoto, Young, Mr. Speaker
NAYS – Barbieri, Boyle, Gallagher, Hawkins, Holtzclaw, Kingsley, Lambert, Palmer, Scott, Tanner, Vander Woude, Wisniewski
Absent – Rubel
Floor Sponsor - Galaviz
Title apvd - to Senate
02/21 Received from the House passed; filed for first reading
02/21 Introduced, read first time; referred to: Education
02/26 Reported out of Committee with Do Pass Recommendation; Filed for second reading
02/27 Read second time; filed for Third Reading
03/06 Read third time in full – PASSED - 32-2-1
AYES – Anthon, Bernt, Bjerke, Burtenshaw, Carlson, Cook, Den Hartog, Grow, Guthrie, Harris, Hart, Hartgen, Herndon, Just, Lakey, Lee, Lenney, Lent, Nichols, Okuniewicz, Rabe, Ricks, Ruchti, Schroeder, Semmelroth, Taylor, Toews, Trakel, VanOrden, Ward-Engelking, Winder, Wintrow
NAYS – Foreman, Zuiderveld
Absent and excused – Adams
Floor Sponsor - Semmelroth
Title apvd - to House
03/07 Returned from Senate Passed; to JRA for Enrolling
03/07 Reported Enrolled; Signed by Speaker; Transmitted to Senate
03/08 Received from the House enrolled/signed by Speaker
03/08 Signed by President; returned to House
03/11 Returned Signed by the President; Ordered Transmitted to Governor
03/11 Delivered to Governor at 10:33 a.m. on March 11, 2024
03/12 Reported Signed by Governor on March 11, 2024
Session Law Chapter 29
Effective: 07/01/2024