3rd Reading
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APPROPRIATIONS – OFFICE OF THE STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION – Relates to the appropriation to the Office of the State Board of Education for fiscal years 2023 and 2024.

RS30752 / S1202

This is the FY 2024 appropriation bill for the Office of the State Board of Education. It appropriates a total of $96,376,200 and caps the number of authorized full-time equivalent positions at 74.25. It provides $26,000 for a federal grant transfer, 1.00 FTP and $103,800 for an Idaho System for Educational Excellence (ISEE) coordinator, 1.00 FTP and $72,200 for a finance specialist, 10.00 FTP and $1,203,900 for the transfer of internal audit staff from universities to the Office of the State Board of Education (with a corresponding reduction in the College and Universities appropriation), $47,234,700 for replacing the ISEE system and other programs, 3.00 FTP and $297,300 to transfer IT staff from the Department of Education, $30,000,000 for the empowering parents grant program, and a reduction of 1.00 FTP and a reduction of $27,900 for human resource consolidation.

Also included in this bill are two onetime FY 2023 supplemental appropriations, which provide $1,000,000 for arts grants to rural public schools, and $20,000,000 for school safety and security grants for public schools.

FY 2023 Original Appropriation Prior Year Reappropriation 1. Arts in Rural Public Schools 2. K-12 School Security 3. ARPA Fund Adjustment FY 2023 Total Appropriation Executive Carry Forward Expenditure Adjustments FY 2023 Estimated Expenditures Removal of Onetime Expenditures Base Adjustments FY 2024 Base Personnel Benefit Costs Inflationary Adjustments Statewide Cost Allocation Change in Employee Compensation FY 2024 Program Maintenance

Bill Events
Date Description
03/23 Introduced; read first time; referred to JR for Printing
03/24 Reported Printed; referred to Finance
Reported out of Committee with Do Pass Recommendation; Filed for second reading
03/27 Read second time; filed for Third Reading
03/28 Retained on calendar