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Approp, state police, orig
APPROPRIATIONS – IDAHO STATE POLICE – Relates to the appropriation to the Idaho State Police for fiscal year 2025.

RS31664 / S1435

This appropriation to the Idaho State Police which is comprised of four divisions: the Brand Inspection, the Idaho State Police, the POST Academy, and the Racing Commission, provides enhancements to the FY 2025 maintenance budget that includes funding for instrument maintenance agreements, additional IT bandwidth, a funds shift off of the Highway Distribution Account onto the General Fund, Microsoft 365 licenses, radio dispatch consoles, SQL server licenses, additional appropriation for federal funds, a net-zero budget realignment, a training mission, sexual assault cold cases, watercraft inspection stations, a fund shift for employee health care, a pay increase for contract employees, replacement items, and the additional 2% CEC .

Bill Events
Date Description
03/20 Introduced; read first time; referred to JR for Printing
03/21 Reported Printed; referred to Finance
03/21 Reported out of Committee with Do Pass Recommendation; Filed for second reading
03/22 Read second time; filed for Third Reading
03/25 Read third time in full – PASSED - 25-7-3
AYES – Adams, Anthon, Bernt, Bjerke, Burtenshaw, Cook, Den Hartog, Grow, Guthrie, Harris, Hartgen, Just, Lakey, Lent, Okuniewicz, Rabe, Ricks, Schroeder, Shea(Ruchti), Taylor, Trakel, VanOrden, Ward-Engelking, Winder, Wintrow
NAYS – Carlson, Foreman, Hart, Herndon, Lenney, Nichols, Zuiderveld
Absent and excused – Lee, Semmelroth, Toews
Floor Sponsor - Adams
Title apvd - to House
03/25 Received from the Senate, Filed for First Reading
03/25 Read First Time, Filed for Second Reading
03/26 Read second time; Filed for Third Reading
03/27 Read Third Time in Full – PASSED - 59-9-2
AYES – Achilles, Allgood, Andrus, Berch, Blanksma, Boyle, Bundy, Burns, Cheatum, Chew(Harada), Clow, Cornilles, Crane(13), Dixon(1), Dixon(24), Durrant, Ehardt, Ehlers, Erickson, Furniss, Galaviz, Gannon, Garner, Green, Handy, Healey, Hill(Brown), Holtzclaw(Johnson), Horman, Lanting, Manwaring, Mathias, McCann, Mendive, Mickelsen, Miller, Mitchell, Monks, Necochea, Nelsen, Palmer, Petzke, Pickett, Raybould, Raymond, Redman, Roberts, Rubel, Sauter, Shepherd, Skaug, Tanner, Vander Woude, Weber(Weber), Wheeler, Wroten, Yamamoto, Young, Mr. Speaker
NAYS – Alfieri, Barbieri, Gallagher, Hawkins, Kingsley, Lambert, Price, Scott, Wisniewski
Absent – Cannon, Crane(12)
Floor Sponsor - Raybould
Title apvd - to Senate
03/27 Returned From House Passed; referred to enrolling
03/28 Reported enrolled; signed by President; to House for signature of Speaker
03/28 Received from Senate; Signed by Speaker; Returned to Senate
03/29 Reported signed by the Speaker & ordered delivered to Governor
04/02 Reported delivered to Governor at 1:27 p.m. on 03/29/24