Welcome to Idaho Session

A one-stop shop for info on legislation currently moving through Idaho's Legislature.

Three ways to find info:

  1. Hot Items page (this page): The Hot Items page shows upcoming committee meetings plus bills that are in their "second reading" or "third reading". The House or Senate is about to vote on these bills.  At the bottom of this page are links to bills that have had activity in the previous legislative working day at any stage of the legislative process.

  2. House pages: The House Bills page shows you all the bills in the House at any stage in the process. The House Members page lists the Legislators, sorted by district or name, and the Committees page allows to you click on the various committees to see what bills are being considered. Each Committee page also has links to each committee member.

  3. Senate pages: The Senate Bills, Members, and Committees pages work just like they do in the House.

Also, there's a documents page with links to items of interest. For additional information about Idaho’s legislative bills, a group in north Idaho (not affiliated with IdahoSession.com) reviews and rates various bills. Their comments can be found at GrowingFreedomIdaho.com. This link is provided for informational purposes only.

Upcoming committee meetings